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Counseling for Teens

Your life is changing.  The person you used to be as a 10 or 11 year old seems like a thousand light years away.  You can’t imagine how you could have possibly been into some of the things you spent so much time caring about.   Your parents irritate you beyond belief and you don’t understand how they can’t see that you’re growing up and therefore need to change the way they treat you.  

Relationships with friends have become more complicated and confusing.  You’re not quite sure who you should trust with some of the new and deeper thoughts you’re beginning to have.  You may have become really hard on yourself for small things about your appearance or the way you dress.  Life has begun to feel confusing and at times painful.  You may no longer feel very sure about anything, much less yourself.  There may be days where it feels like nothing makes sense anymore.   The “experts” say these are a normal part of being a teen and growing up.  While that may be true, it doesn’t take away the confusion or make anything easier.

There are times when you may verge beyond the expert’s definition of “normal;” where you don’t want to do anything, you don’t care about seeing your friends and maybe you feel a ton of self-loathing and hate. 

This is the time when counseling may be something you might want to consider.   Many teens are reluctant to think about seeking out therapy and for some, it is something their parents have decided would be good for them to do.  Even if you may be feeling that something isn’t quite right and it might be nice to talk to someone, it usually isn’t the kind of thing you would actually really want to do.  What is a therapist going to know about your world and the things with which you struggle?
If you are reading this and are either contemplating seeing a therapist (or you know your parents are contemplating it for you) or are wondering what it might be like, read a little further and I will give you an idea of what you can expect from me should I be the person who becomes your therapist.

Areas of Expertise

  • Worry, fears, anxiety
  • Social issues/social skills
  • Divorce/Blended families
  • Family violence
  • Depression/Suicidal ideation
  • Issues with peers & school

What you can expect:

  • You will be taken seriously.  Your thoughts and feelings,  if you choose to share them, will be respected and really heard. 
  • You will have the freedom to look at the deeper things in life and your thoughts about them
  • I never go anywhere without my sense of humor.  Your therapy will be a time of serious reflection and at times hard work, however, seeing the humor in things is not something that is checked at the door when you participate in therapy with me.
  • I will listen to you, really hear and understand what you are saying without "freaking out" or making a "big deal" about it. That doesn't mean that serious action will not be taken if necessary and called for.  
  • I will do my best to understand your world and relate to the things that are important in your life.  l will not, however,  try to be like you or pretend I am a part of your world.  
  • I will be on your side but if it seems necessary, I will "call you out" if I think you need it.  
  • I will realize that while you may be expressing extreme and intense thoughts and feelings in session, it does not define who you are for all time.  Your therapy will be a place to "try on" these feelings and your expression of them.  
  • I will seek to see and honor your particular and unique spirit.
  • I will take my work with you seriously and am grounded and solid as a therapist yet I am not be afraid to laugh at myself and admit when I am wrong.  I know what I'm doing and have a lot to offer you but that doesn't mean I'm perfect or have all the answers.
  • I will always tell you the truth

My style is genuine and interactive. I listen deeply and offer honest and direct feedback with compassion and non judgement.

our facebook page pintrestlinkdin

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