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Animal Assisted Therapy
What is Animal-Assisted Therapy?

Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a goal-directed form of counseling that is delivered by a health professional with specialized training and expertise within the scope of his/her profession. Animals are accepting, non-threatening and non-judgmental, making it easier for people to trust and open up. In fact, for some clients, simply having an animal present in the room can help them feel calmer and more open. While AAT is a relatively new field, research has been conducted that demonstrates the power animals can have in the social and emotional healing of people.

Mel is a 2 1/2 year old Netherland Dwarf rabbit who is also a therapy bunny.  He is fluffy and soft and enjoys being petted.  He is as mellow as his name but will let you know what he likes and doesn't like. 

His hobbies include chewing paper and hay and he also loves kale. He  enjoys playing hide-n-seek with his dog brother and sister, Rusty and Gracie and also likes to run and “binky” all he can.  Mel's job is to help people feel comfortable and relaxed.  He can also help people learn how to become more aware of what they are feeling and how to calm themselves.

Mel now has a new companion, Ozzy. Ozzy is a Dwarf Hotot which is a breed of rabbit that is known for sporting "eyeliner." Ozzy is a funny and curious bunny who likes to know what's going and is always interested in getting banana for a treat. 

Ozzy & Mel

Mel & Ozzy


My style is genuine and interactive. I listen deeply and offer honest and direct feedback with compassion and non judgement.

our facebook page pintrestlinkdin

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